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2024 Conferences Announcement

Announcing CIAC2024: Agri-food, CIAC2024: Climate Solutions Conferences in February 2024 in Singapore

The Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APF Canada), in partnership with Universities Canada, is delighted to announce that the first two thematic Canada-in-Asia Conferences (CIACs) will be held back-to-back in February 2024 in Singapore: 



CIAC2024: Agri-food and CIAC2024: Climate Solutions will bring together experts, investors, policy-makers, researchers, business leaders, and innovators from across Asia and Canada to exchange perspectives, knowledge, and ideas and to create collaborative partnerships in these two critical sectors.


CIAC2024: Agri-food and CIAC2024: Climate Solutions will be bridged by the CIAC2024: Gala Dinner on the night of February 27. All conference delegates will be automatically registered for the Gala Dinner, which is also open to registered guests not attending either CIAC2024 conference. The annual CIAC: Gala Dinner is an opportunity for Canada-connected people, organizations, and institutions from across Asia to convene, build networks, and celebrate all things Canada-in-Asia.

* Canadian university participants, please note that the Asia-Pacific Association for International Education (APAIE 2024) Conference will be taking place in Perth, Australia, from March 4-8, 2024.


The Canada-in-Asia Conferences

APF Canada and Universities Canada partnered to create the inaugural Canada-in-Asia Conference in 2023 (CIAC2023) to catalyze a new and transformative phase of Canada-Asia engagement. CIAC2023, held in Singapore over three days in February 2023, brought together more than 530 Canada-connected individuals, businesses, and institutions. More than 370 participants were alumni of Canadian universities, with many based in Asia.


The success of CIAC2023 in gathering people and ideas from across Canada and Asia to work on some of today’s most pressing global challenges – feeding the world, fighting climate change, and building more inclusive societies, among others – and the enthusiasm for sustained momentum in connecting Canada and Asia has led to a commitment by APF Canada and Universities Canada to convene a major multi-sector Canada-in-Asia Conference every second year, and more targeted, thematic CIACs in intervening years.

CIAC Agriculture

FEBRUARY 26-27, 2024


CIAC2024: Agri-food

CIAC2024: Agri-food will take place February 26-27, 2024, in Singapore. It will convene leaders from the private sector, governments, universities, and other institutions from across Asia and Canada in agri-food and related sectors for two days of networking and inter-disciplinary discussion on some of the most pressing issues in the Canada-Asia agri-food space. Topics for discussion will include Canadian contributions to food security across Asia; sustainability in agriculture and agri-food (including technologies and management); and opportunities for collaboration in agtech, biotech, water tech, and agricultural science. Importantly, CIAC2024: Agri-food will expose key leaders in Asia to Canadian thinking and capabilities in agriculture and agri-food while ensuring that Canadian players benefit from the experiences and perspectives of leaders from across Asia in agri-food and related sectors. 

CIAC2024: Agri-food will be followed by its counterpart, CIAC2024: Climate Solutions. Registration will open in September 2023. Participants will be welcome to register for either CIAC2024: Agri-food, CIAC2024: Climate Solutions, or both conferences.

CIAC Climate

FEBRUARY 28-29, 2024

CIAC2024: Climate

CIAC2024: Climate Solutions will be held in Singapore on February 28-29, 2024, immediately following its counterpart, CIAC2024: Agri-food. CIAC2024: Climate Solutions will convene Asia-based and Canada-based private sector, government, university, and other leaders to connect and learn from each other’s priorities and experiences in climate policy, climate technologies, climate research, and climate finance. Given the significant impacts of climate change globally – but especially across Asia – we are excited to convene this unique opportunity to forge co-operative and collaborative approaches that harness the skills, expertise, and innovations of those on both sides of the Pacific. 

Registration will open in September 2023. Participants will be welcome to register for either CIAC2024: Agri-food, CIAC2024: Climate Solutions, or both conferences.

CIAC2024 Gala

FEBRUARY 27, 2024


CIAC2024: Gala


APF Canada and Universities Canada will host the annual Canada-in-Asia Conferences Gala Dinner on the evening of February 27.


Delegates attending either 2024 conference will be automatically registered for the Gala Dinner, which will also be open to registered guests not attending either event.


More information coming soon! 

CIAC 2025



Biennial Conference

The 2025 Canada-in-Asia Conference (CIAC2025) will be a multi-sector conference similar to CIAC2023. This major event will build on the momentum of our conferences in 2023 and 2024, and will solidify CIAC’s role as the premier gathering of Canada-connected people, institutions, and organizations across Asia. It will convene corporate executives, university leaders, government decision-makers, and leading thinkers from Asia and Canada alongside Asia-based graduates of Canadian universities. 

Delegates will participate in two or more days of networking, knowledge exchange, and discussions across a broad range of issue areas, combined with a program for senior executives and the annual CIAC Gala Dinner. More information coming soon.

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